Bucket Truck

Effective Bucket Truck Services

52-Foot High Electrical Wiring

By using our 52-foot bucket truck, our team can access almost any parking lot light, sports complex light, or company sign. Give us a call today, if you need electrical service that can only be accessed by a bucket truck.

We're bonded, insured, and fully licensed by the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation.

Our Bucket Truck Services 

  • Parking lot lighting
  • Sports complex lighting
  • Electric signage – florescent and neon
  • Transformer and ballast replacement
  • LED retrofits
  • Hid repair
  • High-pressure sodium lamps
  • Metal halide lamps

Upgrade to LED Lighting

Let us upgrade your lighting installations or retrofit your sign to a new and energy-efficient LED lighting. We can also repair your HID lighting fixtures and high-pressure sodium or metal halide lamps.
Call today for electrical services accessed only by a 
52ft Bucket Truck.
"Thanks for the immediate service and absolute professionalism at a very reasonable price. They did the assessment and install fast and easy. 

I was ready to get completely gouged on price but I was not - he was so efficient that he got done faster than I thought he would and did NOT charge me an arm and a leg. I even got a 10% discount! Thank you!"
- Nam S

Ask about our 52 foot Bucket Truck Electrical Repairs for Parking Lots and Sports Complex Lighting.
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